"Truefit was able to take our idea for a simple, innovative tool into fruition in a tight timeline.”

~ Marlo Vernon, PhD, MPH, Augusta University and founder of vidaRPM

The User Need

Maternal mortality rates are on the rise in the U.S., specifically in underserved areas with less access to dependable transportation, adequate care, and health education. Expectant and new mothers need a way to remotely monitor important health factors and be alerted if the data indicates they should seek care.

The Opportunity

VidaRPM is helping women and their providers track key factors such as blood pressure, weight, and mental health.

The Result

Truefit is helping vidaRPM create a tool for expectant and new mothers and to submit key health indicators that help them identify potential complications and alert them when they need to seek medical care. Patients without access to regular, in-person visits can review their health trends with their providers to ensure quality of care remotely.

Tags: Healthcare, Web