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Scaling “surprise” travel for growth

Pack Up + Go, a company known for planning surprise travel experiences, was growing in sales and reputation. Yet, their homemade tools for planning trips were becoming slow and costly to manage. A more efficient solution was needed for managing their unique trips and communications to ensure a great experience.

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For years, Truefit has worked in close collaboration with Pack Up + Go’s leadership, marketing, and customer support teams to address a number of systems vital to their business growth. From facilitating incoming orders and payments, to trip planning and booking, to automating labor intensive customer communications and support in the field, custom software has been streamlining operations for growth.

Ecomm integration for payment processing
Custom web-based CRM development
Email management with Sendgrid
Gift and promo card management
Automated PDF document generation
Weather data integration

Delivering customer value that creates business impact

Desired business outcomes
  • Optimize customer surveys for trip personalization
  • Improve booking completion rates and accuracy for trip planners
  • Increase visibility and value of partner relationships
  • Reduce labor-intensive overhead for customer communications
  • Reduce overhead for packaging trip documentation to ship on-time
  • Improve accuracy of trip planning information for recommended attractions and restaurants
User benefits
  • Incredible domestic travel experiences (without the planning headaches)
  • Deeply personalized trips to match your preferences and personal needs
  • Protection of special occasion secrecy (engagements, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Customer loyalty benefits and rewards
  • Gift cards and promotional codes
  • Unique accommodations and off the beaten path itineraries

Impacts to Date

1 hour saved per trip over manual planning/communications

25% increase in bookings with hotel and activity partners

30% increase in repeat bookings

30% increase in referral bookings from existing customers

The software that Truefit built for us has been reliable and has completely transformed the way our team works and has allowed us to scale far beyond what I previously thought possible.Truefit is excellent at communication and explaining complex processes to non-technical founders like myself. They are able to understand our unique needs and talk us through potential solutions, while always being receptive to feedback our team provides. — Lillian Rafson, Founder and CEO

Product Details

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How we did it


We learned about their product vision, hardware capabilities, and tech requirements.

Understand the state of their service

We focused on documenting their internal tools, reports, emails, package documents and data. We reviewed their existing marketing site and ecomm integration.

Built a touchpoint inventory

Since customers interact with Pack Up + Go across many channels, we identified all the various touchpoints across channels like web or email or print as well as front and backstage interactions.

Identify design patterns and user flows

We identified key design patterns and navigational concepts to help staffers navigate trip planning data. We identified common workflows and explored how the interface could successfully support and reduce workload.

Design prototyping

We explored visual style relative to their brand and aligned on a preferred approach. We applied that style to early mockups of key screens and workflows. We began a regular cadence for reviewing designs and refinements with their trip planning and customer support teams.

Release planning

We collaborated with our client to build a backlog and plan the the first release of the software together.

System architecture

We defined the system components and data endpoints for an integration with PayPal, Chartio, and other 3rd party services.

Build, build, build!

We designed, coded, and tested on a weekly basis until we were feature complete for the first release. Our progress was demoed every other week until feature complete.

Dynamic email communications

Client communications are automated through a complex series of dynamic emails that preserve secrecy. Business rules were defined for automating trips and feeding up-to-the-minute data (e.g, weather info) into branded email templates saving planners countless hours.

Data migration

With the system fully coded, we successfully migrated several years of customer and trip data so staffers could mine data back to the earliest beginnings.

Quality testing

We rigorously tested pricing algorithms, data integration, email generation, PDF generation for common and edge cases.

Client UAT

When all work was complete and tested, we created a UAT environment for the client to test and train their team on.

Go live

With all systems tested we help Pack Up + Go cut over to the new system and they’ve been running on it for years since. Our team continues to support and expand the capabilities to keep up with their growing business.

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