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Connected devices at scale

A global product launch supporting three distinct brands on both Android and iOS platforms with Apple Watch®, Smart Home Compatibility, language translations for 7 different countries, and Level AA ADA Compliance? Yeah, we do that.



Truefit helped Char-Broil connect their new grills to smartphones, smartwatches, and voice assistants. They made sure everything was easy to use, worked for everyone, and provided a great user experience. Even though there were 3 different brands involved, Truefit kept things cooking from start to finish, helping Char-Broil successfully launch on time.

3 distinct cross-platform mobile apps.
Hardware integration and testing
User research and market testing
7 languages supported
Bluetooth and Wifi integration
ADA Level AA Compliance

Delivering customer value that creates business impact

Desired business impact
  • Launch a successful connected product with positive reviews
  • Build brand reputation for quality, value, and user experience
  • Gain market share in a crowded and innovative industry
  • Effectively launch a new brand (Current) while supporting existing brands in the US and EU
  • Expand the user experience to smart watches and home voice assistant devices
User benefits
  • Easy-to-use remote monitoring and control of the grill
  • Seamless, reliable Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • Access to recipes that guide the griller through the perfect cook

Impacts to date

Average app store reviews 4.6 of 5 in first month

Positive reviews from YouTube influencers

Current Backyard grill selected as a 2024 CES Innovation Awards honoree

Group 288
"Game changing smoker/grill... ...The screen is so nice and has a great display but the ability to connect it to your phone through the app is a cooking game changer..." — from an online customer review from

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How we did it


We learned about their product vision, hardware capabilities, and tech requirements.

Understand user needs

We collected insights from different users about their needs and responses to many potential feature concepts.

Market research

We closely studied competing offerings and experiences and other product design trends.

Brand style

We established user interface differentiation in terms of brand style and experience details.

System architecture

We defined the system components and data endpoints so the software could reliably connect, share, and store data in the cloud.

Control board integration

We worked with our client’s embedded hardware partner to establish data contracts so the user could reliably connect to the hardware via Bluetooth and Wifi.

Release planning

We collaborated with our client to build a backlog and plan the build of the software in a way that met the key milestones needed to get to market.

Build, build, build!

We designed, coded, and tested on a weekly basis — across all three branded apps while the hardware and control boards were being manufactured. We applied all our logic to smart watches and home voice assistant devices also. And yes, a few steaks were consumed.

Accessibility Testing

We made sure that all the functionality supported was easy-to-use for everyone — no matter their abilities.

Language translation

We worked with European translators to make sure the app was usable in up to 7 languages.

Quality and usability testing

As the hardware became available, we tested relentlessly on all grills and devices. We even met and tested grills with users in their homes.

Preparing for launch

As the apps were completed, we assisted our client in setting up their app store accounts for easy downloads. The apps were approved and are available in stores in support of the launch of the grill rollout in 2024.

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