“If I had gone to market with the product I started with I guarantee it would have failed right after launch. The before-and-after of my experience with Truefit proved that success is in the process.”

Curtis Wadsworth, J.D., PhD, Founder of Dorothy AI

The User Need

Patent searching requires much of a patent attorney’s limited focus and time, but available search platforms require complex boolean logic, keywords, and domain knowledge, and outsourced search experts can be unreliable due to lack of context.

The Opportunity

The team at DorothyAI applied machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to efficiently generate more relevant patent search results. However, they needed an intuitive, engaging, responsive front-end interface for patent attorneys to use.

The Result

Truefit designed and built DorothyAI – a platform built around the value of their machine-learning search technology for patent attorneys to efficiently search, read patents, and organize their results at their desk or on their phone. The application improves the speed and usability for attorneys to perform these searches themselves, reducing the need for outsourcing.

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