“[Truefit’s] cross-functional expertise in design, engineering, quality assurance and project management is unmatched. The Truefit team truly cares about delighting customers.”

Patrick O’Leary, Vice President, Connors Group

The User Need

Connors team of industrial engineers needed a proprietary tool that could more effectively and efficiently model the impacts of engineered labor standards for large-scale retail, grocery, and warehouse operations.

The Opportunity

By building their own custom software platform, they could create substantial operational efficiencies — responsiveness, collaboration, and customer value to assert their reputation as a market leader.

The Result

A Truefit product team and the Connors group collaborated to create a cloud-based platform for defining labor standards and forecasts and streamline internal data and workflows in distinctive ways. We helped them launch in time for a key trade show and the software has since become central to Connors's growth and leadership position.