How we work

Idea Launch

Our Idea Launch™ process brings together proven methods that build confidence and reduce risk. It is a proven approach for delivering successful software products that engage users and meet business objectives.

Idea Launch™ is a dynamic combination of human-centered design, lean strategy, and agile methodology.


The Discover Stage unfolds in phases so the team can identify key product design hypotheses and requirements, generate and prototype potential solutions, and collect insights from prospective users to validate the design and reveal any blind spots before defining your first release.


In the Build Stage, the team finalizes design, establishes the back-end foundation, and builds out the planned features in prioritized “build cycles” that further reduce risk. The learning gained in each cycle validates underlying hypotheses and allows the team to adjust priorities if needed. The resulting software product is fully tested for quality and production-ready.


The team stands ready to continue your growth during the Support Stage. We can provide maintenance support for the system and/or enhance features to improve performance and user experience in response to user analytics and feedback on the production release.

Skilled, passionate makers with a shared vision

The Team

You get a cohesive team of skilled professionals with all the optimal tools and know-how to effectively move your project from strategic vision to release-ready software.

You can expect highly skilled, passionate makers who:

  • Share a clear vision and goals to accomplish
  • Work and collaborate cross-functionally
  • Are diverse, yet operate from shared values
  • Are effective communicators with good relationships
  • Define clear measures of success and seek feedback for continuous improvement
  • Encourage creative thinking and experimentation without fear of failure