You Only Get One Brain! Brain Health Technologies

Pittsburgh has been a center for innovation for many technology verticals from steel to robotics. One emerging trend in Pittsburgh is centered around numerous companies developing technologies to focused on brain health, initiatives that range from the prevention and detection of concussions to mobile apps that help generate new brain cells and neural connections. This panel discussion will introduce us to a number of new initiatives and technologies that are shaping how the world will manage brain health for many years to come.


5:30 PM: Networking & Appetizers
6:15 PM: Introductions
6:30 PM: Panel Discussion
7:30 PM: Q & A
7:45 PM: Networking

Food Provided By: Chef David Carmine


Shawn Kelly: Courtesy Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Senior Systems Scientist, Engineering Research Accelerator - Carnegie Mellon University


Clarence Carlos: Founder & CEO - RC21X
Federico Olivares: Founder & CEO - 2nd Skull
Howison Schroeder: President & CEO - Neuro Kinetics


Source:: https://talentshadows.events/event/brain-treatment?src=box&fbclid=IwAR3Z71aPo90mc2zUem1FAcyhk5OmDNrR7Ia_Dk-akHP0oNLBZKFByoBkidk

Event Date: 1/23/2019