That's A Wrap For ClojureBridge Pittsburgh

We’ve experienced that the best ideas are generated by a diverse group of people working as a team for a common purpose; we believe so strongly in this, we've cemented it in our core values. Diversity can be expressed in your team members’ colorful work backgrounds, in practicing cross-functional processes or by inviting different perspectives to the table — for us, all three are mandatory. That’s why when the opportunity arose to support an event dedicated to helping diversify the industry by teaching useful skills to the underrepresented, we jumped at the chance.

Thanks to local superstars and co-organizers Brittany Martin and Jessica Nebgen, a group of intermediate female developers gathered at the Truefit offices for ClojureBridge Pittsburgh last weekend. The intimate weekend workshop was dedicated to expanding their competencies in functional programming, specifically Clojure — a timely move with the ever-expanding interest in machine learning. Clojure allows the programmer to design flexible solutions to problems the author doesn't have the answer to.

Interested in learning more about the weekend's takeaways? Hop on over to Martin’s blog, Pittsburgh via San Francisco, for her personal insight.