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Boosting sales with mobile

Bare Performance Nutrition — a leader in fitness supplements for athletes — was seeking to improve their customer shopping cart experience. Through skilled user research, Truefit collaborated with BPN to discover what customers really needed – better tools for personalized training, goal tracking, and supplement education. A strategic pivot led to a new app that boosted sales and brand appeal.

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Truefit focused on early user needs research with new and experienced athletes. With these insights, Truefit was able to design and build a mobile app (iOS / Android) that helps athletes who are less familiar with the BPN brand and product line to build personalized fitness programs, track goal progress, and receive guidance for using supplements that best align with their personal goals.

Cross-platform mobile app development
Integration with Garmin Connect
Workout tracking - auto and manual
Integration with Shopify
Program content management system
Supplement recommendations

Delivering customer value that creates business impact

Desired business impact
  • Enrich brand appeal for trust, value, passion, and leadership
  • Attract and welcome new athletes in training and those new to supplements
  • Introduce new mobile channel with customers
  • Convert supplement sales from new and existing users
User benefits
  • Personalize workout programs from your baseline metrics
  • In-app exercise guidance
  • Supplement recommendations and guidance
  • Integration with Garmin® Connect devices
  • Exclusive programs designed by BPN coaches

Impacts to date

Average app store reviews 4.9 of 5 (1600 ratings)

Exceeded first-time downloads goal by 46%

Over 85k active users from over 15 countries.

Exceeded forecasted supplement sales from new customers

"Every [Truefit] employee we interacted with 100% owned their role. After 10 years of building a business and working with countless vendors, Truefit has been the most impressive vendor we've ever worked with." — Nick Bare, Founder and CEO
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This app option came to me in the mail with my first order of electrolytes (first order with BPN) I downloaded the app ASAP! I have been loving it. I love that it keeps you accountable to get your scheduled workout done before you can move on to the next and that’s what I’ve needed to stay on schedule! — from an App Store customer review

Product Details

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How we did it


We learned about our clients product vision and strategy, business and technical requirements.

Understand user needs

We collected insights from different users about their needs, motivations, and pains associated with training and supplement use. We built early personas to guide strategy.

Market research

We closely studied competing offerings and experiences and other product design trends. We used a survey with existing customers to measure response to a variety of new feature concepts

Product strategy and a conceptual pivot!

We defined and prioritized problems. Based on the research insights, we aligned with BPN to provide personalized training programs and educational content about supplements relative to each program.

Release planning

We collaborated with our client to generate a backlog and plan the build of the software in a way that met the key milestones needed for usability testing and marketing.

System architecture

We defined the system components and data endpoints for an integration with Shopify and Garmin Connect so users could automatically record details about their runs.

Design foundations

We collaborated as a team to define information architecture, content models, and key workflows for each feature. As design patterns started to emerge we explored visual UI style options with their designer to stay on brand.

Build, build, build!

We designed, coded, and tested on a weekly basis until we were feature complete for the first release. Progress was demoed on a bi-weekly basis.

Usability testing

We made sure that all the functionality and content was easy-to-use and navigate by observing users working with the app as it neared completion. Several quick wins were identified for pre-launch refinements.

Finalize the content

BPN provided the training materials and personalization logic for each program. The content is managed by a content management system that can help with future edits, revisions, and updates.

Prepare for launch

Once the app was complete, we assisted our client in setting up their app store accounts for approvals and ongoing management. The apps were approved and are available in the App Store and Google Play for download.

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