Our Process 

Truefit’s Idea Launch™ process is uniquely designed to start with an idea and follow a proven path to create a successful software product that people will love. The process is designed to both reduce risk and build confidence. 

The result is a minimum viable product (MVP), informed by user feedback to minimize risk and maximize engagement, which can be released to the market to build adoption and begin generating revenue.


Client Stories



Helping unlock the value of networked fitness

We’re applying our human-centered design process to help Precor address a comprehensive range of global innovation challenges involving their market-leading cardio fitness equipment, mobile applications, and their Preva networked fitness platform. We designed the Preva mobile apps to keep new fitness club members engaged and motivated to reach their weekly goals — both in and out of the gym.  



Helping make mobile products even easier to use

We’ve applied a host of research methods to help Samsung’s User Experience groups serve the North American market. By evaluating mobile phones and accessories, benchmarking competitor products, and conducting research on styling preferences in North America, we’ve helped Samsung improve products and establish standards for design and usability.  


Fujitsu Ten

Working to improve driver navigation and safety

We support Fujitsu Ten’s development of innovative audiovisual navigation systems for a major auto manufacturer. We conduct user testing to identify usability issues and pinpoint their causes. We recommend design refinements to improve the user experience, helping Fujitsu Ten produce industry-leading innovations in safety, navigation, and entertainment in the driver’s information environment



Helping to pioneer wearable body monitoring

Our design team helped BodyMedia pioneer wearable body monitoring long before it became popular. We helped BodyMedia innovate a wide range of market-leading and award-winning product solutions resulting in their acquisition by Jawbone in 2013. But our most satisfying achievement has been knowing that people are almost 4x as likely to lose weight and keep it off when using their products.



Working to improve pharmacy services for long-term care

We’re helping PharMerica innovate a wide range of software-driven information services that help long-term care facilities operate more efficiently and lower the cost of care. We’re applying human-centered design to more effectively illustrate the benefits of cost-saving opportunities within medication management.


Wombat Security Technologies

Helping improve big enterprise internet security

We’re helping Wombat Security Technologies improve the user experience for security managers in mid-to-large enterprises. We’re applying our human-centered design approach to help security officers assess, train, and monitor the awareness of their workforce to ever-changing security risks associated with phishing and corporate security measures.  


Diamond Kinetics

Working to engineer better baseball players

We’re helping Diamond Kinetics innovate a powerful new platform for training new generations of baseball players with affordable, sensor-driven motion analysis for both mobile and web applications. We are helping their product team effectively build, measure, and learn in their quest towards a successful product launch.


Fred Rogers Center

Building fun and educational games for children

We're working with the Fred Rogers Center to support childhood development by creating two innovative, developmentally appropriate mobile applications. We helped their scholars shape their creative ideas into real software products to make learning fun for children. 



Working to optimize the restaurant information environment

We’re working with McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group to help them understand and improve the information environment with McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. We embed design research teams in the environment to understand the context and build empathy for what managers and crew encounter daily. We synthesize these insights into practical solutions for improvement.



Working to improve stroke patient management

We're working with Corazon to change the way hospitals deliver care to stroke patients by building a web application that transmits vital data in real-time. A ground-breaking new product, Cerebros, is now used in hospitals to increase efficiency and save lives.