An Invitation

The momentum is just building for technology in Pittsburgh and as a city, we are still understanding what role we’ll play in contributing to the greater good. With the shift from steel to healthcare and now technology, there’s a sort of renaissance happening. This new year introduces questions about how we can all work together to strengthen progress. It’s a mission we’re stoked to be a part of.

We believe collaboration drives innovation and the practice of knowledge-sharing expedites advancement. It’s a conversation to be had with the broader community and we can’t wait to open our new home in the Union Trust Building as a place to foster that discussion.

We’re excited to explore how user-centered design is disrupting everyday life, how agile methodologies can be applied outside of software development, and to share stories from our experience working with entrepreneurs and innovators to build products. Together we can investigate industry trends and challenge assumptions.

Starting now, we’ll be contributing to the greater dialogue in a new way and this blog will be one of those platforms. We’re promising accessibility, authenticity and craftsmanship. Please consider this your e-vite!